BCE Telematics​

BCE Telematics A Fleet Maintenance Management Software Company Based In Lithuania. BCE Telematics Solutions Enables An Effective Fleet Management System With Telematics Devices. We Offer An Effective And Efficient Solution To Manage Any Size Of Feet Vehicles And Connected Services.

Services that BCE Telematics offers you

Instant Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics

Identify issues such as faulty batteries and engine fault codes through over-the-air vehicle diagnostics. Avoid road breakdowns and quickly identify vehicles in need of service, manage vehicle health and extend vehicle lifetime.

Reduce Costs With Fuel Management

Take control of your fuel economy and reduce overall spend with BCE Telematics Fuel Reporting. Visibility on fuel trends help identify inefficient or abnormal activity. Obtain Fuel Reports daily, weekly, or monthly, directly in your inbox, and monitor vehicle performance, true idle time and improve fuel efficiency.

Optimise Vehicle Maintenance Management

Avoid breakdowns and reduce costs with usage-based maintenance. Schedule preventative maintenance based on time, actual mileage, or engine hours to extend vehicle and asset lifetime. 

GPS Tracking​

BCE Telematics a Fleet Maintenance Management Software Company based in Lithuania. BCE Telematics Solutions enables an effective Fleet Management System with Telematics Devices. We offer an effective and Efficient solution to manage any size of Feet Vehicles and Connected services.​

Vehicle Reports​

All the key data is readily available, including Fuel and journey reports, Speed, Location, vehicle history reports, Time and Date data with analytics for fleet Management.​

Cost Optimisation​

Monitor fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, and vehicle health. With Real Time information at a glance. This will enable you to identify cost-Effective opportunities and reduce operational costs.​

Real-Time Tracking And Reporting

BCE telematics software empowers you with the ability to monitor vehicles, drivers, and deliveries efficiently. Generate real time reports to analyse performance and make data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

A reliable telematics software solution offers in-depth data analysis tools that transform raw data into actionable insights. Easily track vehicle Speed, locations, Time, date, driver behaviour, and fuel consumption to optimise Fleet Management operations.​

Vehicle Location And Tracking​

Real-time tracking of vehicles enables you to monitor location, Time, Date, route, and stops. This data aids in route optimisation, ensuring timely deliveries and fuel economy management.​

Driver Behaviour And Performance​

Fleet telematics data records driver behaviour, such as speeding, harsh braking, and idling. Identifying and addressing poor driving habits improves safety, reduces wear and tear on vehicles, and enhances road safety.​

Fuel Consumption And Efficiency​

By monitoring fuel consumption and engine performance, fleet telematics data identifies fuel inefficiencies and allows for implementation of effective management to optimise fuel usage and reduce operational costs.​

Vehicle Health And Maintenance​

Telematics systems provide insights into vehicle health to enable maintenance scheduling and reducing unscheduled downtime, which directly impacts operational efficiency.​

GPS Trackers​

FMS500 Telematics Devices are the backbone of fleet telematics systems, providing real-time location data and facilitating route optimisation and Telematics Data.​

Vehicle Cameras​

BCE Video Camera Solutions enhance driver safety and behaviour monitoring. These devices provide video evidence in case of accidents or disputes, encouraging responsible driving practices.​

Compliance Records​

Maintaining compliance records is essential for regulatory purposes. Fleet telematics data automatically Speed, Time, Date, records hours of service, driver logs, and other compliance-related data, simplifying Road Safety Enforcement compliance management.​

Sensors And IoT Integration​

Various sensors, such as temperature and load sensors, enable monitoring of cargo conditions and improve overall fleet management. Integration with the Internet of Things (IoT) expands data collection possibilities.​

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